Hands on With the GoPro Mini: First Impression Review Is It Worth It?: GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini FPV

It is finally here!! After hearing about this camera in leaks and then two delays to launch I finally have my hands on the new GoPro Mini. I take it for a test spin and share my thoughts on flying and color grading the new camera.

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Finally the hero 11 black mini is out And guess what I got one that’s right I Was so stoked on this camera when I Heard that it was first coming I wanted To get it on launch day of the hero 11 Black and they didn’t release this Camera I was in Hawaii it was going to Be perfect I was gonna have all the Cinematic footage from a sweet new Camera they said no problem we’ll drop It in October October 25th came and I Was so stoked and ready to go and get it That very same day and the morning of uh We’re gonna delay it to November 18th I was a little butt hurt not gonna lie But I sucked it up and I was gonna wait And be patient then this morning I’m Scrolling social media and I see people With the hero 11 black mini big like Quiet released it I think today I don’t Know it may have been a couple of days Nobody sent me an email nobody told me But I went online I got one at Best Buy I ran up here to Raleigh in order to Pick it up because they didn’t have one Down by me but I’ve got the hero 11 Black mini so let’s see what this thing Can do okay let’s start with an unboxing Now I mean I’m not one for unboxing Things I’m not nice and neat so we’re Just gonna like rip it open it’s the Standard GoPro uh little zip pack They’re not gonna make a special one it Would cost too much money to retool for

A different camera they managed to fit The 11 mini inside imagine that the Smaller camera also fits Oh Okay You know all right look In the past I flew GoPros since like the Hero4 silver all the way through the Eight the nine I just could not get on Board with the size I tried to 10 Briefly and while I love the quality The heat the uh DJI action 2 was just so Much lighter and I I went to it while I Love the action 2’s weight and how small It is the usability of it the fact that It has built-in memory a built-in Battery and you’ve got the little External module that you have to move Footage to has always been a pain but That’s not even been my biggest gripe my Biggest gripe with that camera is Actually the dynamic range of it the Footage always just bugged me now some People don’t like the really wide field Of view on that camera I for one was a Big fan of the field of view on the Action too however That dynamic range just was not for at Me so when GoPro said that they are Coming back with a smaller camera the uh Mini here the hero black mini The GoPro The GoPro Hero 11 black mini man that That is too many things in a uh a name

I’m just going to call it the GoPro mini From here on out so the GoPro mini it’s Not a session but we’re getting all of The goodness of the hero 11 black inside Of this form factor before I get put it On my drone and go fly I want to make Sure that it has all the things that I Want out of the footage so I’m going to Hook it up to my phone make sure it’s on The newest firmware and set it with the Flat color profile the 4K well maybe We’ll do 4K 30 maybe actually we’ll be Doing 5K either 30 or 60 frames per Second probably the 30 because that’s What I always do I’m going to stick with What I know 5K 30 flat color profile Enable the 10 bit color that is one of The most things I’m most excited about I Really want to see how this color grades Up next to this camera my Sony a74 see If it’s a little bit easier for me to Get a color match and be able to really Push and pull that in the grade later We’ll get into that later on in the Video settings 4K 60. no I want 5.3 k I want 30 frames per second I want super View I want what else do I want super view Hyper smooth is on timer off 10 bit I want 10-bit on yes okay I’m so excited About that bit rate we’re going high Shutter Auto EV comp we’re leaving we’re Not going to mess with the exposure

White balance Auto sharpness medium act The default is medium now that is nice Uh color I don’t want natural I want Flat uh raw audio off the wind Auto all Of that is fine Boom that is how I want to shoot and We’re with that we’re ready to go so Without wasting any more time let’s get This mounted up to a drone I don’t have A like fancy 3D print that I’m going to Slide into I’m hopeful that I can save Some weight by removing these mounts Which they do have hardware for removing I don’t know if you can see that or not Uh let’s see the back ones as well yep The back one does as well so when I get A proper 3D print for this guy that I Can uh Slide it into I’m going to be removing Both of these I think Bardwell said that Each one is around 15 grams so if we Take off of both of these that’s going To be 30 grams which will get this guy Down to 100 grams and that’s like two of Your action twos but I think that’s a Livable weight that might even be a Little bit lighter than the hero 8. so I Gotta Throw a mount on we’re just going To use the little two flippy floppies on The bottom for today and we’ll get some Flying in unfortunately it’s a windy day The clouds just rolled in it was Beautiful and sunny and I was going to Get to show off that dynamic range but

Hopefully everything is exactly what you Would expect from a hero 11 black we all Know what to expect from the GoPro this Is just going to be a little bit lighter And fewer things to break no front Facing screen no rear facing screen just A little status screen on the top of it Let’s get it on the quad and see how she Flies I’m Gonna Keep it over here So My initial thoughts right off the bat Is it’s a little bit heavier I’m not Gonna lie I’m not gonna say I can’t feel It but I don’t think this is a deal Breaker in the same way that some of the Really fat GoPros have been for me They’re like really pull back in order To save that I’m definitely you Used to a much lighter quad these days Getting lots of low battery warnings Already These batteries have been charged in my Bag for way way way too long I don’t know I like the feel of it it is A happy medium in terms of Momentum Weight and maneuverability [Music] Starting to feel sprinkles Now to be fair I am flying very Conservative here I do not want to crash With the GoPro really unprotected on the

Top of this drone Okay so after that first flight I can Tell you that the heat sink on the back Of the GoPro is not warm in the least It’s not really hot out here today it’s Pretty much like 70 72 degrees and lots Of airflow while I’m flying I don’t Think overheating is going to be an Issue except for maybe in the harshest Of conditions with this guy I’ve seen Other people with tests where they were Able to get it to overheat but as soon As they just put a fan on it in their House it wasn’t and that was at the 5K 60 frames per second and above but uh You know So far I’m really happy I think there is Going to be a little bit of a Recalibration for me in terms of the Weight I definitely want to find a 3D Print that is going to encapsulate the GoPro and protect it a little bit more I Don’t feel comfortable with it hanging Out up on top of the Drone like this but I’m going to put in one more pack today Just to you know Because because I want to fly I’m out Here it’s uh it might be a little bit Overcast it might be a little bit windy But we’re here and we’re flying so Beat It Back to them GoPro sounds Well we’re getting some big old Twitches From the wind here

Give it a nice little stable run Come over here near me [Applause] That was a pretty aggressive turn just Before that Right to see how the stabilization works Out [Music] My batteries are crying for mercy As they should be Yeah I’m really curious to get a lighter Weight to shed a few grams with okay Let’s rephrase that really curious to Shed a few grams by pulling these uh Mounts off But we’re going to add weight back with A big old 3D print so I don’t know it’s Probably going to come out as a wash in The end this is probably pretty close to My all-up weight after it’s all said and Done There’s definitely some twitching going On in terms of the flight curious how Hyper smooth is going to handle that Deep the GoPro Stabilization has always been fantastic And only gotten better since they Purchased real steady so I really expect That this is going to be a non-issue I said I was gonna be tame and I’m just Out here beating it [Music] All right and that is gonna do it for The flying let’s go back to the house

And see how this footage looks how it’s Going to color grade and stack up Against the a74 footage is it gonna be The answer to all of my questions I Really hope that it is stay tuned okay So I know we’re kind of like jumping Forward and back in the video you’ve Already seen the flight footage but this Is me doing the color grade to the GoPro Footage itself now I’ve already pulled It in and messed around with it a little Bit and as you may have noticed in the First half of the video the white Balance was jumping all over the place This was not the ideal day to do this Test there were storms rolling in the The lighting was changing dynamically Like every couple of minutes uh Throughout all of the intro and even During the flights themselves one of the Harder things to color grade are these Overcast days to get a look that you Like especially to get a consistent look Throughout the video I even had to make A few corrections to the intro Clips With the a74 because the white balance On it was changing throughout the thing Yes I do shoot Auto white balance I know I know it’s okay but let’s get into how I color grade the footage from the the GoPro mini now as I’d said before that This was a harder lighting condition to Color grade this is the Sony footage Just before my takeoff okay so I’m going

To use this as reference footage in Order to match the two now as you can See over here I’ve already applied a lot I personally use some Phantom Luts if You have a Sony I highly recommend the Phantom let’s go Google it you will see What I’m talking about this is shot in S-log 3. now there is no equivalent to That on the GoPro themselves I have shot With a flat color profile but you can See that the untouched footage looks Very different uh from the Sony footage Now what A good rule of thumb to get Things kind of close I don’t always do This Um but it on days like this it’s more Helpful uh on a sunny day I don’t Typically have to even do this step so What I’m doing is looking for a scene That looks about like the same scene From the Sony footage so now that I’ve Found a clip that looks like that I’m Gonna highlight the clip I’m matching to I’ll come over here I don’t use this Often enough to even remember the Keyboard shortcut it is option command m And now we come back over here and we’re Going to pick a clip of this to match Two So right here apply the match and now my That one didn’t take really well let’s Try a different one okay I didn’t like How the first one looked so we’re gonna Redo it we’re gonna match from right

Here Help match color Come in here Select this one spot bam I think that Looks a little bit better now it’s still Not really s-log footage the gamma is Not the same there I know I know I know If you know what you’re talking about With color grading don’t sit here and Tell me how wrong I am I am aware of how Wrong I am so the next thing I’m going To do is I’m just going to pull in the Same Lut that I used on the Sony footage And you can see it looks way different Um now typically when you’re trying to Match color grades you will do a Correction layer I like to use the color Wheels for my correction layer so I’m Going to leave this stacks on top of Each other the top thing is the first Thing that’s applied and then the next And the next so I’m sliding that color Wheels in between my match color and the Lut that I’ve applied and now I’m going To go in here and the first thing I’m Going to do is I’m going to pull that Saturation down because it’s clearly too High now the next thing because the Dynamic range is not the same as the Sony typically you have to brighten up Your shadows a little bit And maybe even pull down the highlights Now I am going to look over here the Monitor that I have right in front of me

Is not the best for color grading and I I’m actually recording off of this Monitor and matching it over so I just Want to look at what I’m doing on the Other screen Let’s see it’s a little bit washed out I’m gonna pull the Shadows back down Just a little bit I want to bring up my Mid-tones while this isn’t the best GoPro footage I’ve ever captured by any Stretch of the imagination I think that It’s a pretty good approximation of my Sony footage Looked a lot applied To this And when I do just a picture and picture Um of me standing there Or cut this footage together I think That I have it close enough where it’s Going to be okay now I’m Almost a little bit here and there I Might do a little bit extra but that has Basically got it I’m just going to go Ahead I’ve got this other clip here I’m Going to copy it I’m going to paste what I’ve done to This clip bam and now I have both Clips All color corrected that easy now while I’ve got you here I wanted to do a Couple of other little experiments Namely I have a scale So I know we we all know the GoPro mini Is it should come in right at 130 grams I got 132 probably because I stuck that

SD card into it however what I want to Do next is start taking off these mounts I have already found a mount available On thingiverse uh a good friend of mine The fpv geek has already catted one up It it looks like a solid option someone Else has uh I think what they did is Remixed it and did it for an apex which Also works on the TBS Source One which is what I primarily fly These days all right getting the screws Out I don’t have a driver on here it’s Just the the extension for the Torx Screw oh okay Come on out I guess I should be putting These on the scale as well but I’m Taking off the back connector The back little flange at first because I don’t really see this camera ever Getting used off of that back flange Maybe if I was going to use one as a Stick Cam that is a possibility maybe if I was I don’t know we’ll see if I ever use one I’m Gonna Leave the bottom one on for Right now because uh I still don’t have That printed I’m gonna start printing it Either tonight or tomorrow so that I Have that for myself so I can just slide It in and not have these little Connectors not I’ve never been a huge Fan of it it also protects the GoPro Quite a bit more Um in cases of crashes so let’s see how

Much does the adapter plate weigh we Have two of these to take off keep in Mind So the adapter on its own oh man I Totally did not remember that right is Seven grams all right so This The GoPro minus one adapter should be 125 124. okay so if I take off the next Adapter we’re going to be in the 115 one Yeah it’s not great man I was hoping That it was like 30 grams that I was Taking off with these but it’s a It’s our pinching weight every little Bit counts I wonder if the door comes Off and stays off Uh door does it Yep it’s just like all the GoPro doors That guy one gram We’re down to one actually 122. so by Taking the door off I probably wouldn’t Do that for uh seriously guys though Um I’ve ejected SD cards when flying GoPros in this configuration it is worth It to carry a couple of extra grams not To worry about that uh SD card coming Out and having to search for it in the Field so overall I am really happy with This GoPro I really look forward to some Better weather days when I can get out There and test it my footage that you’re Going to be seeing going forward from This point most likely is going to be

The GoPro as of right now I’ve got one Of the GoPro Minis and one of the action Twos but I can’t get any more action Twos even though I’ve yet to kill a Single action too I still have the Original two that I started running uh I Think I’m gonna go ahead and trade them In and go to the hero 11 Mini The image quality is just that much Better on the GoPros over the action Twos I have seen it over and over I want To be able to use stabilization at times Sometimes we’ll have it off sometimes We’ll have it on uh but I want that Option which I just don’t have with the Action to when I was in Hawaii it would Have been a perfect time to run Stabilization do some really cool Cinematic stuff and I just didn’t have That option unless I wanted to do the uh Oh my gosh unless I wanted to correct it In software after the fact but in order To do that I would have to have black Box data and do a lot of coordination in Order to get that stabilized footage Which I just don’t do on a daily basis So I hope you guys have enjoyed this Video I hope you learned something get Out there and go fly don’t forget to hit The like button subscribe if you haven’t Because there’s lots of good stuff Coming and in the works recently I even Purchased some new equipment that is on Its way we’re gonna have reviews of the

HD zero system walks now more quads more Fixed Wings you name it lots of con Content for you guys I hope you’re Enjoying it and we will see you on the Next one bye guys