GoPro Hero 11 VS GoPro 10 VS GoPro 9 Comparison!

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is here! How does it compare to the GoPro 10 and the GoPro 9? Find out in this comprehensive comparison!
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0:00 Intro
0:53 Outdoor Microphone Test
1:46 Indoor Microphone Test
2:59 Walking & Running Stabilization Test
3:50 Bicycle Stabilization Test
5:11 Linear & Horizon Stabilization
7:26 Daytime Sample Videos
12:36 Night Sample Video
13:36 Conclusion

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What’s happening everyone my name is Alex and 
welcome back in today’s video we are comparing   The GoPro 9 the GoPro 10 and of course to the 
GoPro 11. this you’re gonna be able to see the   Differences in between the three action cameras 
so we’re gonna be splitting this video into three   Sections the first section has to do the internal 
microphones inside these um three action cameras   So we’ll figure out which one picks up the sound 
better the second section has to do the image   Stabilization so I’m gonna be doing some walking 
some running some biking so you can figure out   The differences for image stabilization from all 
three action cameras and the last section we’ll   Have to do other video quality so I’m going to 
show you footage at different resolutions just   So you get an idea how each camera captures a 
video basically and with that being said let’s   Begin by checking out some sample recording so 
you can figure out which camera has the better   Internal microphone alright so we have our first 
audio test Outdoors between the GoPro 9 the GoPro   10 and of course the GoPro 11. we have a super 
sunny day out today but also a bit windy so you   May hear some wind aside from my voice for this 
recording I’m doing four cat 30 frames per second   With all three action cameras and I also have the 
fields of view set to widen on all three action   Cameras I’m gonna start walking for a bit just 
so you can see how all three cameras basically   Capture sound if there is some movement if there 
is some wind whenever you’re walking and so on   So yeah this is how the GoPro 9 the GoPro 
10 and the GoPro 11 would capture sound if   You’re Outdoors on a super sunny day but a 
bit windy next let’s move on and do another   Microphone test indoors all right so we have 
our next audio test indoors I’m currently in   A super quiet room so the only thing you should 
hear is my voice of course I’m using the GoPro   9 the GoPro 10 and the GoPro 11. on the GoPro 
11 and the GoPro 10 we’re recording in 5.3 k   Um at 30 frames per second we’re on the GoPro 9 we 
are recording in 5K at 30 frames per second and I   Have the fields of view set to wide on all three 
action cameras so this is how the three action   Cameras will capture sound indoors in a super 
quiet place alright so I watched that about six   Times and I even put headphones on a couple of 
times to make sure that I’m not missing out on   Something and they kind of sound the same so the 
11 the 10 and the nine I couldn’t really tell the   Difference for those microphone recordings have 
you guys heard anything else that um was a bit   Different personally I feel that they all um sound 
um the same all right next we’re gonna move on and   Check out some sampling recording so you can 
see which camera has the better stabilization   Of course I have some sample recordings running 
walking biking and a bunch of other tests so let’s   Check those out and I will be right back okay so 
for our first test for Emy stabilization I’m gonna   Go ahead and start walking slow I’m currently 
recording in 4k at 30 frames per second would all   Three action cameras and I have the field of view 
set to White so we’re gonna start walking slowly   I’m also trying to keep the cameras as steady as 
possible we’re gonna start walking a bit faster

And I’m also going to start running 
so let’s see what happens when we run   I’m gonna turn suddenly go back this way And I’ll turn around again 
and we’ll walk slow again So yeah this is how the image stabilization works 
on these three action cameras so I have them set   To the maximum level of image stabilization okay 
and we’re gonna move on to our next test for IMI   Stabilization for this recording I’m recording in 
4k at 60 frames per second with all three action   Cameras and as you can see I will be riding 
the bicycle I have the field of view set to   Super View and all the cameras are set to the 
maximum level of image stabilization available   So we’ll try going a bit quick Go right back left Go right again left Left and we’re gonna turn 
right somewhere around here And right once again I’m actually gonna try going 
this way let’s see if that works And we’ll go this way once again we’ll turn left Foreign So that’s how the stabilization on these reaction 
cameras would look like if you’re riding a bicycle   Okay we are moving on to our next test for IMI 
stabilization for this test I have the resolution   Set to Fork at 30 frames per second and the field 
of view set to linear and Horizon leveling so I’m   Going to start doing some running and some more 
sudden movements so we can see how all three   Action cameras perform so start walking this way 
I mean running we’ll go this way to turn right We’ll turn around And this way once again Fork at 30 frames per second GoPro 
910 at 11. linear and Horizon leveling   Foreign I also wanted to show you how the 
stabilization Works um if you are walking   And talking in front of the camera let’s say 
that maybe you are vlogging and you’re basically   Talking in front of the camera you may even run 
so let’s go for a bit of a run just you can see   How that works basically if you’re filming um 
yourself so go this way and I’m gonna walk once   Again so yeah I am recording in 5.3 K on the GoPro 
11 and 10 and 5K on the GoPro 9 and I have the   Field of view set to White alright so the GoPro 
9 already had really good stabilization then we   Got the 10 that was slightly better and now we 
got the 11 that’s also slightly better but not   A massive difference between the 11 and the 10. 
but the 10 was already really really good so you   Couldn’t actually tell that you’re walking in 
some situations whenever you’re holding that um   Camera so the biggest difference of course you’re 
gonna notice between the 11 and 9 but if you have  

The 10 you’re not really gonna notice that big 
of a difference with the 11. all right so next   We’re gonna move on and check out some more sample 
recordings that I’ve done a different resolutions   So you can see how the video quality between these 
three action cameras is so let’s check out those   Recordings and I will be right back next we have 
a recording done in 5.3 K on the GoPro 11 and the   10 at 30 frames per second and a field of view set 
to wide and on the GoPro 9 we have 5K at 30 frames   Per second and once again the field of view set 
too wide let’s just um get close to the water here 4K 30 super review on the GoPro 9 the 
GoPro 10 and of course the GoPro 11. All right for our next Quick Test between the 9 
10 and 11 we are recording in 5K with the GoPro   9 5.3 K with the GoPro 10 and 11 the field 
of view is set to wide and as you can see for   Yourself I am riding the bicycle I also have 
the level of stabilization set to maximum on   All three action cameras I just wanted to show 
you how the footage would look like if you are   Riding the bicycle on a super sunny day we have 
another quick recording between the GoPro 9 the   GoPro 10 and of course the GoPro 11 once again 
I am riding on the bicycle I have the field of   View set to wide and we are currently 
recording in 4k at 60 frames per second   I’m also going to turn the camera 
stores myself just so you can see   How the footage looks if you’re basically 
filming yourself so let’s try doing that So yeah it’s 60 frames per second 
and the field of your set to wide 4K 30 super review on the 910 and 11. Okay so around here we have a combination 
of sunshine and shade I’ve also switched   The resolution to 1080p at 60 frames per 
second I know that some people do like   1080p personally I would only record in 4k 
but for those of you that want to see how a   1080p at 60 frames per second recording looks 
like I’m including this sample as well I also   Have the field of view set to wide on Old 
reaction camera so the 9 the 10 and the 11.   So yeah 1080p at 60 frames per second between 
these three action cameras okay and for our   Last daytime recording we have 4K 30 frames per 
second on the 9th and 11 and the field of view   Set to Super review We’ll Walk This Way so kind 
of towards the Sun and uh we’ll head this way I guess I’m gonna stop here and pan right slowly And back left so yeah super view 4K 30 
frames per second on the three GoPros All right so for video quality this year I did 
notice a bigger difference between the 1110 and   Of course some done nine so now the footage that 
we get from the 11 is more grown up I’m gonna   Say so first of all those colors aren’t as crazy 
saturated as they were in the past so all cameras   Are set to the color profile called Vibrance so 
all three of them for all the recordings that   You’ve seen and you’ve probably noticed that 
the 11 doesn’t have that crazy saturation that   We used to get um would attend but the biggest 
difference and the biggest change and the best  

Change I’m gonna say has to be the dynamic range 
in those recordings so now you can see more in the   Darker parts of recordings basically so if you’re 
recording in a sunny place you can see more in the   Shade in the recordings done by the 11. so I think 
that’s the biggest change that we got with the 11   On this year so you can definitely tell there 
is a massive difference now between the 11 and   The nine not so big between the 10 and the 11 but 
still I prefer the footage from day 11. okay let   Me show you a quick recording that I’ve done at 
night just so you can see how all three cameras   Record in low light alright so we have the GoPro 9 
GoPro 10 and GoPro 11 recording in 4k at 30 frames   Per second with a field of view set to wide on all 
three action cameras now we did lights around here   But of course action cameras don’t do that great 
in low light so I’m just gonna walk this way we   Have a bit more light around here just so you 
can see how all three cameras perform from what   I’m seeing on the screens here I feel that the 
GoPro 10 does the best out of the tree of course   But we’ll have to see how this footage actually 
looks on on the computer sold pan right slowly And back left I guess So yeah low light recordings between 
the GoPro 9 GoPro 10 and GoPro 11.   Alright so nighttime recordings let’s be real here 
for nighttime recordings no action camera will do   Great no matter what because the sensors in these 
action cameras are pretty small it’s the same for   Phones it’s the same for cameras now when you 
have one of these small sensors it cannot get   Enough light so personally I wouldn’t use 
any action camera to record them at night   But you’ve seen how the footage looks just in 
case um you’re wondering so there you have it   The GoPro 11 the GoPro 10 and the GoPro 9. as 
I said earlier now I do see a difference for   The video quality that we get from the 9 mostly 
because dynamic range in that footage is better   And the colors aren’t that crazy and saturated as 
before so yes you will get better video recordings   Better quality of videos and compared to the 
10 and of course um the night alright guys   Hopefully this video was useful thanks for 
watching and I’ll see you in the next one