GoPro HERO11 Black Review: 10 Things to Know!

Here is my review on the newest GoPro HERO 11 Black for 2022! There are some really awesome new features like the bigger 8×7 Sensor, 10-bit Video & Hypersmooth 5.0! I give an in-depth breakdown on how I use some of the new features and what I think of them.

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Wow How’s it everyone the brand new gopro 11 Black came out today i’ve been putting This camera through its paces for the Past couple weeks tested out some of the New features And uh we’re gonna get into that in this Week’s video but before we do that here Is a little compilation of some of the Footage i’ve captured on the camera so Far [Music] [Music] So what is the difference between the Hero 10 black and the new hero 11 black Well this year gopro have put the number 11 on the side of the camera and you Know previously they put the number 10. So that is the big difference And uh thanks for watching i’ll see you Next week’s video No but seriously there are quite a few Differences this year more than i think They’re kind of blatantly obvious you Know first things first it’s this exact Same form factor as the hero9 hero 10 I’m really stoked about that But uh the big difference which i think Is the most important difference in the New camera is the new and biggest sensor Now I’m going to try break it down in as Simple terms as possible what this Actually means so with the biggest

Sensor on the hero 11 we can capture Content in the 8×7 ratio this means We’re capturing more content vertically On the new camera whereas previous gopro Cameras only had a sensor that could Capture content in a 4×3 ratio so as you Can see the content doesn’t capture as Much vertically in some of these Side-by-side comparisons So what does this mean this means we’re Getting more immersive content means we Can capture more this is great if you’re Shooting pov content you want to mount Something somewhere you’re just seeing More This also means we have a new digital Lens on the hero 11 it’s called Hyperview it’s extremely wide it’s Basically the 8×7 ratio that gopro has Stretched in camera into a 16×9 ratio Personally i think it looks a little bit Warped so if you’re someone like me and You’re I guess a bit more professional you can Stretch it yourself in post-production Obviously gopro have created it in Camera one for ease of use for their General consumers now with the new 8×7 Ratio This has very quickly become one of my Favorite modes one of my biggest Dilemmas of shooting nowadays is if i Want to shoot vertically for you know Platforms like instagram and tick tock

Or if i want to shoot horizontally for a Platform like youtube or just general Traditional content now That usually means you have to shoot Something twice vertically and then in Landscape so what does 8×7 do because it Captures so much vertically we can now Take one single shot in eight by seven And crop it in portrait so if you’re Shooting for instagram and tick tock or You can also crop it for landscape if You’re shooting for something like Youtube with one single clip this is a Game changer there are a lot of Situations i find myself in where i Don’t know if i want to shoot you know Vertically or horizontally so now 8×7 Completely solves that issue So as i mentioned earlier with the Biggest sensor on the hero 11 shooting In that 8×7 ratio we now have more real Estate to play with that means that we Have better stabilization i honestly Didn’t think gopro could make Hypersmooth any better but the bigger Sensor has allowed for that um you’re Really going to notice it when you’re Shooting in 4×3 and super view as well Because we’re capturing more vertically There’s just more room to play with it’s Pretty simple if you just think about it Logically so i’ve done a bunch of side By side comparisons with the hero 1011 Showing the new stabilization obviously

The big key factor is that we now have a Full 360 degree horizon lock with the hero 11 Whereas the hero 10 only goes up to About 27 degrees obviously nobody really Runs around filming like this but there Are certain situations where you know You might want to move the camera or Something and you want to stay focused Or you want the horizon to stay locked Now that can happen with the hero 11. Obviously we had something like that With the max lens mod obviously that’s An additional accessory that you have to Buy cost more money the max lens mod is A wider field of view as you can see in This side by side comparison i put the Maxlens mod on it is a wider angle it’s Fully horizon locked but to have that Built-in on the new camera is pretty Great So another epic feature i know a lot of The pros are going to love on the hero 11 is that we now have 10 bit video so What does 10 bit mean it basically means That we now have more information in Every pixel of video content so you can Just basically manipulate it more for Color grading so if you look at some of These before and afters here i apply my Own color grading video filters which if You want to buy them i’ll have them Linked below and i mean you can see some Of these before and afters are pretty

Drastic it’s pretty insane how much you Can color grade and manipulate and just Do whatever you want with the colors and That is what 10 bit allows it’s not Available in every mode but it is Available in all the nice cinematic Modes up to 60 frames per second Hopefully we’ll see it available in 120 In you know future cameras a couple Other things worth mentioning is that The hero 11 comes stock standard with The new enduro battery this came out Last year makes a world of a difference To your battery life i would recommend It to anyone if you have one of the Older cameras especially if you shoot in Really cold conditions this battery Makes a substantial difference so one of The bundles gopro is offering this here Is called the creator bundle i believe It’s the slow voltage grip it has a Built-in battery great for if you want To you know do some time lapses or just Keep your gopro powered all day if you Vlog a lot um yeah it’s awesome i have Plugged in a wireless microphone that’s The reason why the audio sounds so good In this vlog i’m just gonna run through A bunch of different audio options you Could do with the gopro from you know Having No External audio straight out of the Camera just like this and uh we’ll play

Around with the media mod and all the Different options it has so yeah let’s Get to it a little audio comparison Between the media mod And the regular gopro We will put the audio from the media Mode on right now and switch over to the Hero 11. hopefully there’s a little bit Of a difference and then i’m gonna Compare it with this is a comparison With a shotgun microphone on the media Mod and then just the naked audio Straight out of the hero 11. I’m assuming the shocker mic is Definitely going to be better than the Standard mic on the media mod and Definitely better than the naked audio Okay now i have a lapel mic in and i’m Pretty sure it’s substantially different Compared to the naked audio on the hero 11 There is the microphone it’s plain and Simple I think this is probably the best Solution if you’re vlogging the nice Thing is i can turn the camera anyway And the audio is exactly the same Whereas obviously now this audio is Better when it’s closer facing this way Goes further away you’re not hearing as Much where with the pole right here it’s Just a constant it’s better it’s more Reliable And so if you want to get the best

Quality vlogging audio out of the gopro I do think the lapel mic is the best it Is a bit more of a household i won’t lie It’s not the best run and gun solution But um if you’ve got time to set up Definitely worth it another new feature This year on the hero 11 is gopro really Tried to simplify the camera for the Average consumer they have i think What’s called a basic mode and then a Pro or creator mode so the basic mode i Think has five different video modes It’s very simple you don’t have to worry About your iso or all those sort of Complex custom settings like white Balance Exposure Sharpness etc it just does it all for You it’s really simplified you have five Different modes that’s it and then Obviously with the pro mode it unlocks The standard gopro features that we’ve Always had with your iso sharpness white Balance et cetera so i think it’s very Clever the gopro have done that on top They’ve also upgraded their quick app Personally i don’t use the quick app for Editing much i do all my editing on a Computer um but obviously they are Trying to appeal to the broader market So from what i understand they now have You know an auto ai editing feature i Test out on the hero 9 or 10 about a Year or so ago edited all on a phone it

Was pretty impressive for what it was um So apparently there are some Improvements to that um very clever of Gopro you know if you go out and you Shoot with the camera you’re on holiday And you get back home you plug your Gopro into charge and the fact that it All uploads to the cloud creates an edit For you and you know by the time you’re Done you look at your phone you’ve got a Video edited for you it’s pretty Ridiculous makes me a little bit scared That ai will put me out of a job in a Few years but For now i think i’m safe oprah also Released the new gopro mini i don’t have One i haven’t seen one yet i have been Told it’s about 20 grams lighter it’s Pretty much the hero 11 in a smaller More compact body obviously there’s no Screen And i think there’s a built-in battery So there are pros and cons to this I would not recommend it to a first time Gopro user having the screen on the Front and the back super useful I try really hard not to look at the Screen but i can frame myself up right Now while the camera is looking me which Is great for vlogging I think the people that are going to use The mini are people that you know Usually mount the camera somewhere and Don’t really need a screen so you know

Your mounts and bikers if they’re using On the chest or the head Maybe some surface for pov um i know Personally i’m gonna love it for Capturing behind the scenes that you Know when i’m wakeboarding i usually Have performing wakeboarding i usually Have a gopro on my head to capture my Pov for behind the scenes i don’t need a Screen for that so for certain things Like that i think it’s been really handy I’m pretty sure the fpv guys will like It because they won’t have to worry About cracking the gopro screen when They crash their drone so definitely Some pros to it i think the average Person is probably gonna buy the regular Hero 11 but definitely cool to have Something like the mini available so Some pretty cool upgrades on the hero 11 This year i must say gopro really Thought about the pros in the sense of Like the biggest sensor and the 10-bit Video but they’ve also really thought About the average consumer where they’ve Just tried to simplify the whole thing With the basic mode and also just really Focusing on the automated editing in the Quick app one last thing if you do want To grab my video filters i will have Them linked below i’m going to run a Little discount just for one week only So make sure you snag them before then Um yeah check the link out all the

Information is there and uh yeah if you Want to buy the new gopro 11 i do have An affiliate link um so if you enjoy the Content on this channel you want to Support me would appreciate you buying Anything gopro related through the link Below it does help me out i do earn a Small commission this video isn’t paid For by gopro i can say whatever i want Um But yeah i think that pretty much wraps It up [Music]