Reviews | Wearable Camera ORDRO EP7 VS GOPRO 8

You can find the comparison of ORDRO EP7 and GOPRO 8 in the different scenes.
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Hello guys and welcome back to my Channel today i’m going to check the Audro ep7 A vlogger-oriented 4k head mounted Camera that features a built-in 2-axis Gimbal In this video i’m going to go over its Features and specs and see how it Performs After mounting it on one of my racing Drones in terms of packaging The ep7 camera comes inside this nice Carrying case And inside along with the camera you can Find the user manual A high quality storage bag and a Cleaning cloth A usb to micro usb cable a toshiba 32 Gigabytes micro sd card A usb rechargeable remote controller That will enable you to start and stop The recording And capture photos a band that will Enable you to wear it on your wrist And these accessories for mounting the Camera on your head As for its packs the ap7 camera features A mechanical 2-axis gimbal And a cmos sensor that is capable of Recording up to 4k 60 frames per second videos 2 Microphones and the speaker On its backside you can find a micro Hdmi output port

On its bottom side a micro sd card slot That supports Up to 256 gigabytes microsd cards And a micro usb port that will enable You to use the ep7 camera as a webcam After connecting it to your computer Transfer data from the microsd card to Your computer And also charge the built-in battery Powering on and off the camera Is done by long pressing the power Button capturing a photo is done by Short pressing the camera button And similarly short pressing the video Button is going to start or stop the Recording procedure In addition the ep7 camera is water Resistant And it features a built-in wifi module That will enable you to wirelessly Configure the camera Using a dedicated app on its own the Camera weighs 54 grams And including the accessories for Mounting it on your head The total weight is about 77 grams in Order to mount the odor ep7 camera on Your head You’ll need to use this provided Accessory first you’ll need to Attach these two plastic parts Then secure the camera and make sure That this plastic part is properly Secured

Using this provided accessory and Finally Cover this plastic part using the Provided rubber cover Now you’ll be able to mount the ep7 Camera on your head in the following Manner And capture pretty much whatever you are Seeing as for using the ep7 camera In order to turn it on or off you will Need to long press the power button Short pressing the power button is going To either turn on or off the wi-fi Option Pressing the camera button is going to Capture a photo Control pressing the video button is Going to start the recording Start recording and also stop it In order to configure the camera you Will need to install the odcam app on Your mobile device Turn on the camera and enable wi-fi mode Connect your mobile device to the ep7 Wi-fi network Launch the audicam application and then Among other settings you’ll be able to Set the resolution of the recorded Videos and captured photos Capture a photo and start the recording Of a video And also transfer videos and photos from The camera to your mobile device In order to use the ep7 camera as a

Webcam or access the contents of the Micro sd card You will need to connect it to your Computer using a usb to micro usb cable Then the camera is going to be turned on And you’re going to be prompted to enter Mass storage mode by pressing the video Button and enter Webcam mode by pressing the camera Button Now as you can see after entering Masterage mode a new removable drive was Discovered on my computer And after entering webcam mode the Camera is simply recognized as a webcam Without having the need to install Any additional drivers and you can use It as a video source As for the quality of the camera which Is of course one of the most Important aspects here you can see a Quick recording of my Not very organized room the quality of The audio is pretty good And the video is okay as well especially When there is enough light Here is another recording from the beach On a sunny day Here you can see a side-by-side Comparison of the audra ep7 camera And the gopro hero 8. both cameras Resolution is set to 4k 60 frames per second and the hyper Smooth feature of the gopro camera

Is turned on as you can see the Mechanical gimbal of the ep7 camera Works well And the video quality is pretty adequate However the ap7 camera Is not intended to be used under dark Conditions Finally as promised in the beginning of The video i also tested the ep7 camera On one of my drones and as you can see The mechanical to access gimbal Couldn’t handle vibrations so the flight Footage is pretty much unusable Overall after testing the ep7 camera in My opinion it will provide you with a Good solution in case you need to Capture your point of view According to my test it will provide you With about 3 hours of continuous usage Its build quality is good and it’s very Easy and convenient to use As for the 2-axis gimbal which is a Quite unique feature And is actually the reason i decided to Test this camera Although it cannot handle the vibrations Of a racing drone It does seem to fulfill its purpose Anyway that’s going to be it for my Quick review of the audrew ep7 camera As always if you have any questions feel Free to ask them in the comments section Down below Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up if you

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