The Verge: GoPro Hero8 Black: Review, Test Footage, and Full Comparison

Testing the new GoPro Hero8 Black against the Hero7 Black, The DJI Osmo Action Cam, and against a gimbal. There’s a lot that I wasn’t able to cover in this video, though, so read my full review over at The Verge:

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Hello chums this is Brent moreau’s here With the brand-new GoPro Hero 8 black Hot off the presses I received the camera my review unit Just before driving from Alaska all the Way down to California so I got a real Variety of material here and I’m excited To show you guys all this stuff so for Starters take a look some of these pans In his handheld shots feel free to go Back and look at some of earlier ones Too and that brings me to the sort of Banner feature of the new hero 8 and That’s hyper smooth – hyper smooth is GoPros electronic image stabilization And it debuted with the hero 7 black Last year hyper smooth one hyper smooth – is just so much better this shot here We’re going 65 miles an hour and there’s A lot of wind and my hand is shaking Like crazy and you would have no idea This shot right here looks to me like It’s on a Steadicam these are my friends On a boat and you know you can see There’s a little bit of wobble here and There but in general the smoothing out Of motion especially transitions into Motion is pretty incredible there’s just A walking shot because there’s a bison In it and beam Notice also the colors really pop a lot More skin tones are a little bit more Vibrant a little bit more natural the Blues and the water and the sky pop

You’ll notice the Reds and the dirt you Don’t really see so well here the waters Green but this is because GoPro totally Revamped its color science for the hero Eight so for example here’s the hero 7 With GoPro color on its of the standard Color profile and just checking out skin Tones and it looks good here and then we Switched to the hero 8 and it’s a lot Punchier way more oranges and reds in The skin tone you see a little bit more Vibrance in the sky they actually went Really hard with the contrast you can See that the shadow on my face is a bit More dramatic for the8 but in general it Looks good it looks like a graded Project I think maybe pro users might Want to opt for the flat profile this is Also the first GoPro that can shoot at a Hundred Mbps it’s the highest bitrate GoPros never use and it’s also combined With h.265 so it’s a pretty solid Compression rate with a lot of detail on There now this is the shot that really Blew me away this is the hero 7 with Hyper smooth one turned on then we’re Going to show you hyper smooth 2 turned On to the high mode on the hero 8 that’s This and I want you to look especially At the mountains in the background There’s still some movement but that Selfie stick is bouncing a lot and you Can really see the difference in the Comparison shot here that is that’s

Remarkable and the craziest thing is It’s not cropping any more than last Year’s version does and I don’t totally Understand how they did that so here’s a POV shot I’m just running down this Trail and I’ve got both cameras in the Exact same hand An amount for two cameras and you can See the difference here the hero 8 on The right is really locked in it does Very well with vertical bounce with a Horizontal bounce it does struggle a Little bit with rotational moves so the Roll effect is harder for it to Compensate for it but still does a Pretty good job that last shot was the Hero 7 here at the here 8 now this is Hyper smooth boost mode which is the Highest version you can go to it does Crop more it’s more like the DJI Osmo Action cam but it is really really Smooth and does a really good job with The vertical bounce back to hyper smooth To on high mode here and that’s the mode I would use most of the time because you Still get that nice wide angle and it’s Very smooth You can also really see the boost of Reds in the color contrast here anyway Last year GoPro said they’re hyper smooth was Gimble like and I called BS on it but This year is so much better I wanted to Actually test it against a gimbal so

Here I am running with the Karma grip And they hero 8 my same exact hand and That’s really really impressive there’s Definitely a little bit more bounce with The hero 8 you can see the horizons Moving ever so slightly more but that I Mean I’m not trying to run smoothly There that is that’s ridiculous Here it is in boost mode just to see With the tighter crop it’s even smoother Than before again maybe a little tiny Bit more bounce on the horizon line and You can see the horizons not totally Straight here you can straighten it Within the GoPro app now but you still In the cropping more so it still Behooves you to try to keep it as Straight as possible and gimbals just Beat it there for sure in fact you can See that here on this one I was being a Little bit less careful about how to Keeping the horizon straight and There’s just way more bounce because it Has less room to crop it’s super Impressive though I also tested it Against the DJI Osmo action cam which Has very good stabilization but it only Has that type of crop so this is a hyper Smooth 2.0 high mode not the boost mode So you still got that wider frame again You can see colors are way way better Here and if you freeze-frame details a Lot better in the GoPro as well and Generally smoothness is pretty much on

Par this is just sort of turning around The selfie angle you can see there’s a Lot more of me in there because I’m Using the high mode rather than the Boost mode and now here we are in boost Just to show you apples to apples They’re both evenly cropped and for my Money they’re both really pretty much About the same as far as smoothness goes But again GoPro has better colors better Detail and so that’s the one I would Pick Roulette it’s way more detailed my Shirt you can see it there just to show You the crop here so this is Stabilization off entirely on the hero Eight this is a hyper smooth to on which Is the lowest level of stabilization Similar to have a smooth one now our Hyper smooth too high which again Doesn’t crop anymore and now here’s the Boost mode which is probably what I Would default to if I’m shooting other People this is the first time you can Stabilize 1080p 240s is 240 frames a Second slowed down to 24 so we’re at 1/10 speed and it’s stabilized so I’m Getting blessed with water right here And the camera actually did shake but it Doesn’t look like it as hyper smooth 2 Is on it’s just in the on mode it’s not In high or boost but still it’s better Than nothing and it produces some pretty Sweet shots being able to shoot at 1080 240 even though it’s not a new feature

There’s just something so cool about it Especially when it comes to water it Kind of takes on this weird life It’s own and everything looks more epic Even when you’re surfing really badly in Two foot waves this looks way more Impressive than it actually is this is Like a five-second ride that went Essentially nowhere but hey looks cool The microphones have been redesigned for The hero eight and there’s a Front-facing one now supposed to be Higher quality so this is just a quick Audio test so in general that does sound A bit better to me it’s a little bit Louder as you can hear and also the bass Is just a little bit fuller it’s just a More balanced overall sound but the real Difference is when you get it in the Wind so give this a listen More bumps alright how’s going Alright sound test the new mic let’s Facing forward its Elena yeah that just Makes a huge huge difference and clearly Sounds a lot better the hero eight black Also has time warp to which is Essentially the updated version of GoPros hyperlapse feature it’s now Stabilized with the new and improved Time warp too so it is pretty steady the Real banner feature here is you can now Tap the back of the screen and go to Real time so it’s as if among and then Suddenly here we are looking at real

Time and isn’t that cool but I didn’t Realize the real time segments don’t Have any sound so here I was time Warping the sunset and suddenly my Friends were all singing happy birthday To me which was very sweet but there’s No audio of it so it looks like they’re Just mouthing words and now I’ll never Know if my birthday was actually happy Or not no idea but that’s something GoPro is aware of and they said they may Add it in a future software update and This was the very first thing I shot With the hero eight and it blows me away That Northend lights hit right before I Left Alaska so I just set this up on a Bench and while I was walking on with my Full-frame camera and it looks really Good it’s you know these are 30-second Exposures it is a bit noisier than it Would be at the full frame camera of Course but that’s totally usable and Really pretty impressive and just Wrapping up here the hero 8 just like Every GoPro Hero since the hero 5 is Waterproof without an additional housing Down to 33 feet and I was also testing The Garmin descent mark 1 which is a Diving watch so I took it down to Exactly 32 feet and stayed there about 45 seconds till my lungs started burning I swam up and Not leak at all which is really good News because when there’s a new design

In the body which you should definitely Read about in the article because it Does have some flaws that that I worry About But yeah you never know if a waterproof Enos is going to hold up and luckily it Did but there are some other concerns so Head on over to the verge read the full Review so you know what I’m talking About and thank you for watching see you Next time [Music]