Official GoPro Sleeve and Lanyard HANDS ON Review! Are they durable enough?

These are the new Go Pro Sleeve and Lanyard. We have tested them for durability. Please enjoy!

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I’m gonna go Boulder now yeah that Sounds wrong I’m sorry That’s nothing else is happening look my Other hand is here but this this help It’s terrible [Music] Hello everyone and welcome to our Channel today we’re going to unbox GoPros new sleeve the plasticky one and Lanyard attached to it I actually Ordered all three colors so let’s see What we have here oh here is the black Sleeve and lanyard the box is pretty Good and it’s always fun to unbox things Coming from GoPro because I kind of like GoPro but this product received actually A lot of critiquing negative comments on The internet because it’s you know it’s A bit of a simple product but I think it Would help with what I do because I Carry my GoPro all around as you can see Now it’s actually strapped to my chest And here are the other two colors so we Have the blue white and black okay so This is the black one oh the surface Like how can I describe this this feels Like it’s not that sticky it’s it’s even A bit slippery that’s why I think you Will keep the lanyard actually the sound Dots are open here because you need them In here the speakers are also allowed Okay this is your play button you have Access to the buttons as well so this is The black one alright guys now that we

Actually unbox the new sleeves let’s go Ahead and put them on our GoPro to put The sleeve on you actually need to get Your GoPro out of its housing so I’m Just doing that once we get the GoPro Out of its housing I think it would be a Rather straightforward process we just Push it in there just like the Oh Okay so if we look up the details the Frame cover is sticking out which is Rather expected now it actually fits Rather nicely as you can see over there And then Okay that was this plastic thing on the Lane yard but now it’s actually gone There is a way to control the size of The lanyard here by using this you can Go ahead and put it around your neck With the full extension or if you have It around your wrist you can go ahead And do this so it’s literally at your Fingertips let’s put the black one in And see what it looks like I’m sorry I Don’t have three GoPros to put one next To the other so please forgive me on That I need to put them on one by one Basically the puddin end process is the Same now or not now but soon I will Actually move this around I mean one Advantage that I’m thinking of about the Sleeve is that sometimes when I use the Housing and something else thanks to it I was able to hear a hissing noise I Don’t know if my microphone can this get

This but I was hearing a hissing noise Maybe with this non sturdy plus not mean Non rigid plastic would actually help With that noise because yeah I will test That soon okay so this is the black one And let’s grab the other one When you use the old you know what this One by default is almost black so unless You really want the smaller profile or Less visibility I would suggest getting Something more colorful for your GoPro Let’s put it back on yeah they all fit The same way I mean let’s inspect it Together and that The openings are actually making sure That the headphones or the microphones Are not covered because you know this One has a couple of microphones in it And audio output speakers yeah it looks Pretty good like black is black you know Like you can use it anywhere you can use It with everything but white and blue Are my favorite so far I’m gonna stress This this thing obviously let’s go ahead And put the blue so that because I think Even if I managed to tear white with Normal use so don’t get too excited I’m Not gonna really torture this it’s just A stress test let’s put the blue on yeah By the way one note about the black one Is that it somehow collects dust look They can’t see this this yes here’s the Angle you see it’s already a bit dirty Somehow because it’s the problem with

The black in general but we’re blue you Have that less and less and white really Seems clean but I doubt that it will Remain clean all right let me show I Mean I just already demonstrated the Line yard but this is how you go yeah You can’t see Oh my GoPro is already on this is my Recording profile alright let’s go ahead And test the performance This baby That will hamper the performance but Basically you can go ahead and put it Around your neck like this which will End for my sound now but yeah so this is What I look like I could actually see my Own reflection here yep this is pretty Good I like it I saw a beard advertisement that they Were shaking this okay this is my Expensive camera but here we go okay Could have been smarter to not to do it In the balcony but this is YouTube we do Stupid stuff here did not even move Let’s go ahead and do it again okay I Think this is pretty radical way of Shaking this let’s see It’s not even move which is pretty good So for the footage just start recording Yeah so this is what it looks like audio Test video test beautiful New York wheel Behind me so by the way since I have the Opportunity to say as everyone on YouTube once just go ahead and subscribe

To this channel alright audio test audio Test with the blue cover audio test this Way audio test audio test video test by The way there’s this Manhattanhenge was About a couple of days ago so this is Not as beautiful but deal with it this Is already an amazing view alright I Think we tested the video or audio Outside let’s go ahead and get in to Test is it still on yes let’s go ahead And actually test the in-house Performance I can easily use my mirror For the purpose so maybe it would look More interesting or if I do this I can Actually see if I’m on frame and I’m on Frame so this is indoors recording with New GoPro sleeve I don’t know if there’s Any issue with the audio but GoPro Six’s Audio was terrible to be frank with you Here we go there is actually a Comparison video on my channel with GoPro Hero 5 sections and that’s it been Better but I hope it was about the Housing and less rigid sleeve Maybe contributes to that around test Again indoors this will be wilder and Trust me it doesn’t break this nothing Will break this ok the linear burn if You rotated like crazy I don’t want to Give myself a skin rash but why why Would you oh yeah it burns why would you Rotate it faster than this that would be Ridiculous and I’m gonna give it a good Shake now

Did it do anything no okay I’m gonna go Boulder now yeah That sounds wrong I’m sorry that’s Nothing else is happening look my other Hand is here but this this helpless Terrible anyways the harsh testing Results are in and this thing did not Even move seriously okay now I’m gonna Do a pulling test maybe I can get closer For this pulling test pulling test Pulling test and this is how much I can Get pulling more pulling more now I Started to record unintentionally Pulling more and seriously it’s not a Swing this see I can see the hole here Yeah this is more than enough I think this sleeve is durable enough For daily beach whatever use awry so Thanks a lot for watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe see you next Time